Meat and Wine co.

Located at Freshwater Place, Queensbridge Square, the restaurant looks out onto the Yarra River and the majestic cluster that is Melbourne city. The lighting is kept to a minimum so no need for that 3rd layer of makeup ladies. Warm tones and textures combine to create an African-inspired decor. The mood is right but what about the food?

As the name suggests, the restaurants specialises in steaks and suggests the perfect wine to go with it.
Particularly fascinating would be the flame-grilled butcher skewer. Words fail to describe the, shall i say it, masterpiece, So an image just may help.

I however, was far more excited to dive into dessert. ‘The Grand finale’ is what they call it. Well Meat and Wine co., you had me at this. You’ve got my vote. I can die a happy woman… Too far? Please be aware of my sweet tooth. I tend to go overboard at the scent of glucose, sucrose, fructose and any other ‘ose’.
Ok so, 5 mini desserts were devoured by myself and my date (I love anything ‘mini’. Having said goodbye to my speedy metabalism at the age of 12, no longer can I eat the WHOLE block of chocolate or the ENTIRE 5 litre tub of ice cream. As a woman conscious of unwanted jiggle, I’ve unfortunately been reduced to ‘mini’ everything);

A chocolate fondante with vanilla ice cream
Vanilla creme-brulee
Pecan pie
Malt ice cream
Pineapple cheesecake

Weekly ritual anyone?

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