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Lentil’s Lease Mix Up

MELBOURNE’S ‘pay what you want’ phenomenon ‘Lentil as Anything’ is facing a major setback in its plans to open a fourth restaurant, in North Fitzroy.

The new restaurant was scheduled to be opened on Saturday, 8th May and the opening day was advertised heavily on the restaurant’s website and Facebook page …. (Read more)

Masterchef: a ‘cultural kitchen revolution’ or just another game show?

Chanel 10’s MasterChef is fostering ‘a cultural kitchen revolution’ says the show’s judge, Matt Preston.

With nearly 1.7m viewers tuning into its premiere, the show is at least having an impact on
people’s recipe choices. An analysis by shows that searches for recipes featured on the show rises dramatically immediately after they go to air. …(Read more)

Crazy for kebabs or kebabs bring the crazy?

Local residents in Altona North have complained that customers of local caravan kebab are disrupting the suburban neighbourhood.

North Altona Lipo’s Kebabs, situated in the western suburbs off the West Gate Freeway, has become a popular stop over, especially for the more youthful crowd after a night out. …(Read more)

Questionable Effects of Nutrition Labeling on Fast-food Packaging

Monash University students do not find the nutritional information on fast-food packaging effective for choosing healthier food after Victorian Government’s push in February.

“I don’t think that would really effect much”, says Joey Liptapanlop, a 20-year-old Monash University student who regularly has one meal of fast-food at least once a week. …(Read more)

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